Utilising a proprietary quantitative strategy, Cogent manages public equity Funds including Islamic Global Equity, Global Equity, China Equity, Islamic SE Asia Equity and ASEAN Equity. In addition, Cogent manages a range of European regulated specialist investment vehicles and structured products which provide investors access to income producing assets.

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Cogent has an excellent track-record of generating superior investment returns for clients, with an emphasis on risk management and transparency. Funds managed by the team have received top ratings from Citywire, S&P and Morningstar. 

Cogent Asset Management 

Cogent Asset Management Ltd, a specialist Fund Management boutique, was launched by Citywire AAA rated manager Ian Lancaster and Paul Bethell in September 2013.

Paul Bethell, CFA

Paul has 20 years experience as an equity analyst, strategist and fund manager, having worked for Reliance, Gulf Finance House and Insinger de Beaufort. 

The â€‹WSF Global Equity Fund, which has employed our core disciplined investment strategy since inception in 2010, currently holds a 5 star, 5 year rating from Morningstar.

Ian Lancaster, ASIP IFQ MBA 

Ian has 30 years experience of Fund Management, successfully investing long-only and absolute return equity funds for global institutions such as Reliance, AXA, General Accident and Aviva. 

Fund Management, Award Winning Islamic Fund Management

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